About TAGLaw

TAGLaw®, founded in 1998, is a worldwide alliance of independent law firms. The alliance today ranks among the five largest legal alliances in the world. 

TAGLaw members are highly-respected, value-driven law firms with local market knowledge and expertise. Members are carefully chosen based on their reputation and record, and on recommendations from existing members. Members undergo a rigorous screening process prior to invitation to the alliance, and are ultimately reviewed and approved by the TAGLaw Advisory Board.

TAGLaw’s standards of excellence and integrity are the vital elements that assure clients they will receive quality representation and a consistent level of professionalism. All TAGLaw firms agree to adhere to common objectives and standards, as documented in TAGLaw's Standards and Charter.

TAGLaw members commit to fulfilling the following objectives:

  • -Provide excellent, timely and cost-effective legal services to clients of member firms.

  • -Develop and maintain strong client relationships and personal service, enhanced by the international resources shared among alliance members.
  • -Communicate clearly with clients on terms of professional engagement and progress of business.
  • -Share international expertise and resources with member firms.
  • -Provide referral opportunities to other members when appropriate.

TAGLaw firms commit to the highest standards of client service with respect to:

  • -Quality of work
  • -Service
  • -Responsiveness
  • -Communication
  • -Ethics
  • -Confidentiality
  • -Conflicts
  • -Billing

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