The TAG Alliances is comprised of the leading professional alliances,TAGLaw®, TIAG®, and its most recent addition, TAG-SP™. Together, The TAG Alliances have a combined global reach of more than 260 firms in over 90 countries and over 15,000 professionals. Learn more about the TAG Alliances at www.TAGAlliances.com.



TIAG® (The international Accounting Group®)
TIAG® is TAGLaw's sister alliance of a worldwide alliance of more than 115 independent accounting firms located in 200 offices spanning over 60 countries.  Learn more about TIAG by visiting www.TIAGnet.com.


TAG-SP™ (TAG Strategic Partners)
TAG-SP™ is a complimentary association of strategic business partners with access to the numerous global resources and relationships which comprise the TAG Alliances. Learn more about TAG-SP by visiting www.TAG-SP.net.


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